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Facilitator's Kit

Includes Workbook, Slideshows and Handouts

This Kit Includes Everything a Teacher Will Need to Facilitate the Course:

  1. Welcome Letter with Easy Step by Step Instructions to Run Slideshows (Digital)
  2. Lessons 1-8 Slideshow Presentations (Digital PowerPoints)
  3. Lessons 1-8 Handouts (Digital to print for each participant, or, print one and pass around during class)
  4. Companion Workbook (Printed)


I've been teaching about Israel for over 25 years and I am so excited to teach this new course on Aliyah. Dr Carrie Burns came to our community to pilot the first few lessons of this Bible study with our women's group. Something happened to me. I began to feel crushed for the Jewish families still in the Diaspora who, for illness or lack of funds, cannot get back to Israel. I am not a crier, but I just began to sob. It touched me, it opened up a new area in my life and gave me something significant for which to devote myself in prayer, giving and teaching. It was an unforgettable moment for me, it was life-changing. It literally changed the direction of my life.- Mary Louise, Denton, Texas, USA

Aliyah: Understanding the Return of the Jewish People to Israel

Facilitator's Kit - (Includes Workbook)


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