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Book Specs: softcover, 6X9", 69 pages, published 2012. ISBN 978-1-291-08542-6

We are living in the midst of a great movement of God- the return of the Jewish people to Israel. Our response should be as Daniel's: one of prayer and of standing together with God's purposes. As such, this miraculous effort needs to be bathed in prayer in order to fulfill God's plan and purposes as well as to protect the work from the opposition. This book is organized in 11 concise sections that lay out the key areas of prayer for Aliyah. Sections conclude with helpful prayer points. Perfect for beginners and seasoned students of Israel, this book provides the foundational of understanding the movement and the prayer that undergirds it.


Pat frame was first involved in praying and campaigning for the Soviet Jews in the mid-1980s. Since 1991 she has been involved full time in the work of Aliyah - helping the Jewish people return to Israel, mainly working in the field. Pat currently serves as Field Operations Director for Ezra International, Director for Ezra UK, and has recently authored a Bible study course in 8 lessons, Aliyah: Understanding the Return of the Jewish People to Israel.


At last - a good book linking prayer and Aliyah - a book Pat Frame is uniquely qualified to write. Born of a God-given heart for the Jewish people and clear call to ministry, Pat has been on the cutting edge of Aliyah for many years. This book blends sold biblical teaching on prayer and prophet fulfilment with her wide experience throughout Eastern Europe and her passion for God's purposes. Reading the book will draw you into God's heartbeat for Israel; there is no higher recommendation. -Rev Andrew Kane

Pat Frame brings a unique insight into intercession for Aliyah. Pat was one of the earliest pioneers of Christian sponsored Aliyah and writes from a great depth of knowledge and experience as Projects Director for 30 years. A timely and essential book as political and economic situations are in upheaval. Essential reading for those who love Israel and God's prophetic word. -Dr Frederick Wright

Intercession and Aliyah: Intercession for the Return of the Jewish People


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