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Workbook Specs: spiral-bound softcover, full-color, 8.5X11", 96 pages. ISBN 978-0-578-52052-0

Ascend - it's the stuff of angels, warriors, pilgrims and the Lord Jesus. In Hebrew, the word for ascend is Aliyah [pronounced ah-lee-YAH]. It is translated as, to go up, to ascend, and is woven with golden threads throughout the Bible. Our Jewish friends always say Aliyah when the invisible hand of God compels them to emigrate to Israel. Today, just as God is calling His people to ascend to The Land (as foretold by the prophets), God is drawing Christians to ascend a higher place of understanding, prayer and service in order to help rescue the Jewish people from isolation, regime-induced squalor and increasing anti-Semitism. This Bible study course unfolds the story of God's plan for Israel with a balance of biblical prophecy and the nitty-gritty of real life. We believe that it has the potential to change the pathway of your life, whether Israel is new to you, or, you are a seasoned veteran who has stood with Israel throughout the years. The thrill of adventure awaits. May the God of Israel richly reward all who seek to make God's plan of Aliyah their very own!


  • Eight lessons with discussion questions. No homework.
  • Ideally-suited for eight two-hour (or sixteen one-hour) classes.
  • The Facilitator's Kit contains powerful slideshows and enriching handouts.
  • Perfect for Sunday school classes, home groups, mid-week Bible studies, weekend seminars and more.
  • This course was written by Patricia Frame, a 30-year veteran in the field, and brought to you through the ministry partnerships of Ministry to Israel, Ezra International and Ezra UK.

Eight Lessons

  • Lesson One      Israel:The Land
  • Lesson Two      Israel: The People
  • Lesson Three   Restoration of All Things
  • Lesson Four     History and Meaning of Aliyah
  • Lesson Five      God's Call to the Gentiles and the Aliyah Process
  • Lesson Six        Ostrongstacles to Aliyah and Intercession for Aliyah
  • Lesson Seven   Anti-Semitism and Lessons Learned from Esther
  • Lesson Eight     The Purpose of it All


The Aliyah course is a rare treat; a door that opens an understanding to the modern-day phenomenon of the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. For anyone who wants to find out more about God's covenant relationship with the Jewish people and with the Land of Israel, the Aliyah course is an accessible, disciplined journey of discovery. It not only explores Biblical truth in a lively and engaging manner, it also sheds light on the Jewish people's resilience over the centuries in a real hope for a return to the Land of Israel. The course also offers live reports which catch the heart of Jewish people today yearning to return to the Land of Israel, and of the hardships some face in realising their dream. By adhering to the principle of showing it as it is, the Aliyah course sets itself apart as a fascinating close-up filled with faces, landscapes and encounters of a people who embody 'prophecy fulfilled'. For those yet to experience this unique blend of biblical truth and eye-witness reporting, Aliyah: Understanding the Return of the Jewish People to Israel, will enhance understanding of how Christian faith integrates with practical support for the Jewish people, and build confidence to serve with boldness. - Malcolm, Woking, UK

The Aliyah course is a fantastic tool for teaching and enlightening people about the anti-Semitism we have seen in the past and which we are still experiencing today. It also helps us to understand God's plan for His Chosen people, The Jews, in that His plans and purpose are for them to "Go Up" to Jerusalem (make Aliyah) to live in the land He gave to their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have taught this course to a number of people, some of whom have been surprised that they have never heard of this before. We would highly recommend all Christians to embark on this course. It is an excellent learning and teaching tool. - Barbara, Sleaford, UK

Aliyah: Understanding the Return of the Jewish People to Israel



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